Eyebrows thin over time and can be diminished by over-tweezing and shaping. To add, hair follicles can stop producing hair, eyebrow hair can deteriorate, lighten in color, and decrease in volume and density. This clinically-proven serum is powered by Obagi's innovative NouriPlex™ Technology which features a complex blend of four high-performance ingredients to target the Anagen phase of the brow growth cycle where the eyebrow hair flourishes. Eyebrow enhancing serums are most effective during this phase, usually lasting 30-45 days. Designed for targeted application, our proprietary spoolie gets to the base of the eyebrow. The bristle design promotes even application and efficient distribution while swiping through each hair follicle (thin or thick) making it beneficial for all eyebrow types. | Obagi Medical Nu-Cil Eyebrow Boosting Serum, 5 ml | Dermstore

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