Formulated with first-of-its-kind Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein, this shampoo and conditioner duo act as a powerful in-shower daily smoothing treatment for hair. They repave rough cuticles and reduce friction between each strand, tackling frizz at the source for hair care that goes light years beyond basic cleansing. Virtue® Smooth Shampoo works to both cleanse and refine textured hair. Infused with restorative ingredients, it de-frizzes strand by strand to seal in moisture and shine. Virtue® Smooth Conditioner eliminates frizz with every shower. It soothes the cuticle, locks out humidity, and locks in moisture, giving hair a brilliant luster. Virtue® Quick-Dry Healthy Hair Towel: Promote both instant and long-term hair health with this gentle, quick-dry hair towel. This uniquely woven towel reduces drying time with specialty moisture-wicking channels and dries without heat or friction. A button-loop closure securely and comfortably keeps your wrap in place. | VIRTUE Limited Edition Smooth Bundle with Towel | Dermstore

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