Treat your strands with a hydrating overnight conditioner from Rene Furterer. The KARITÉ NUTRI Intense Nourishing Overnight Care is enriched with shea butter and wheat microproteins that restore lost lipids and strengthen your strands. Ideal for very dry hair types, this moisturizing conditioner has a no-rinse formula that works even while you sleep. Key Ingredients:Shea Butter: replenishes lipids deep down to form a protective barrier against harsh external factors and to prevent moisture lossShea Oil: provides exceptional penetrative powers and coating action to protect and restore the hair fiber and leave hair hydrated and supple without weighing it downCimentrio Complex: rich in proteins and fats, restructures and protects the hair and scalp from external damageWheat Microproteins: target the core of the hair fiber to strengthen keratin strandsPhospholipids: facilitate the deep penetration necessary to help rebuild and repair Key Benefits:Instantly absorbs into hair for long-lasting nourishment and repairLeaves hair soft, bouncy and shiny and radiantly beautiful | René Furterer KARITE NUTRI Intense Nourishing Overnight Care, 2. 5 fl. oz | Dermstore

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