Philip Kingsley's Moisture Extreme Enriching Conditioner is formulated with a rich and unique combination of nourishing oils to condition hair and lock in moisture. Intensely hydrating, this detangling formula boosts flexibility to minimize breakage and helps tame even the toughest frizz delivering smoother, shinier hair. Key Ingredients:Babassu Oil: deeply conditioning yet lightweightWheat Germ Oil: rich in vitamin E, it delivers moisture deep into the hair matrixAvocado Oil: delivers essential nutrients for hair's integritySweet Almond Oil: enhances shine and smoothnessKey Benefits:MoisturizesSmoothesDetanglesHydratesEnhances shineClinical Results:In an independent user trial of 104 women:97% agreed their hair felt moisturized and smooth 92% agreed their hair was easily detangled87% agreed their hair felt intensely hydrated | Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Enriching Conditioner, 6. 67 fl. oz | Dermstore

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