The Anti-Aging Repair Moisturizer by Dr. Loretta does it all: protects, corrects and defends. Formulated for morning and night use, this anti-aging face moisturizer helps correct common skin concerns-fine lines, uneven skin tone, redness and dryness. Plus, using antioxidants, peptides and other skin protectors, this moisturizer protects skin from any possible damage: UV rays, HEV light (from electronic device screens) and environmental pollutants. Key Ingredients: Chromabright® and Lipochroman®: protect skin from free radical damage caused by UV rays and HEV light Antioxidant Lipochroman®: provides the strongest defense from free radical damage, protecting skin from pollution including damage caused by tiny particulate matter Pure chamomile, lavender and geranium essential oils: replenish moisture | Dr. Loretta Anti-Aging Repair Moisturizer, 50 ml | Dermstore

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