Rich, earthy and seductive: the fragrant notes of the Carrière Frères sandalwood candle is a swirling vortex of exotic warmth. Its irresistible charm lures you in without warning, bewitching both the self and senses with smooth, woody accords. Used to build temples in past gone by, the Sandalwood scent is replete with sultry, spiralling layers that are destined to be explored. The powerful component is found in India’s Mysore state, creating a deep, aromatic ambience to kindle the air on a cool, crisp evening. Decidedly modern yet anchored with a nostalgic twist, the candle exudes comfort and allure with crackling, oriental facets. The scented candle itself supports a clean, even burn. It is crafted from high quality wax, perfume and botanical essences to ensure a supremely indulgent experience. Opulent and intensely enigmatic, light this candle and sink into the depths of exceptional luxury. | Carriere Freres Carrière Frères Scented Candle Sandalwood - Santalum Album - 185 g | Dermstore

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