A narrative guide and practical methodology for nurturing and sustaining our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. With intimacy as the foundational principle of our existence, we can build a life based on what we truly need, not what we think we need or have been told we need. By embracing the practice of radical intimacy, I can confidently promise my readers a personal revolution of self-acceptance, appreciation, vitality, and confidence. And without fail, mind-blowing, soul-stirring, earth-shattering sex follows. Zoe KorsPart practical guide, part client stories, part personal narrative, Zoe Kors draws on her experience as a sex and intimacy coach, thought leader, and relationship writer in sharing her powerful and practical methodology for nurturing and sustaining our intimate relationships over time. She addresses the essential truth that is almost universally missed in discussions of sex and intimacy - We can meet each other only to the extent that we can meet ourselves. Kors guides the reader on a five part journey through nine areas of opportunity for deepening intimacy with themselves, their partner, and their world, inviting them to embrace emotional, physical, and energetic selfmastery, which is required to skillfully relate with others.

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